It's Just A Little Writing

Hello, and welcome to this little blog.

I am coming to you live today to encourage you to follow me in my journey in becoming a successful writer in the entertainment industry. For those who don’t know, my name is Katrina Convey, and I am an online student at Full Sail University. I work at my local Mickey D’s, and live in a two bedroom, one bathroom apartment in the Tampa Bay area of Florida with my fiance and four cats. 

The content that will be posted here will range between many of things, from links to content that I have found helpful and music that has inspired me to story synopses and updates on how my projects and schooling are coming along. As this is one of the first steps I have taken to make a more professional name for myself, I will also be posting a link to my professional Twitter account in the near future. 

Thank you in advance for coming here. I hope I can count on your support as I make my way to the top of the industry.